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Missions and Tasks

  • The Green Energy Industry Promotion Center is a task force created to support policies. It is responsible for planning and management of resource allocation for Taiwan’s energy technology master plans, green energy policies and legislation, green energy technology R&D strategies, linking mechanisms among the industry, research institutes and academia, and industrial investments and corresponding measures. It is also responsible for overall promotion of domestic and foreign technology transfers and commercialization of R&D results, by means of resource integration. It plays the role of project management and think tank for the government, to coordinates ministerial resources from upstream, midstream, and downstream for green energy technology R&D, industrial development, and job creation.


    Support green energy industries and empower innovation in the economy
    Integrate limited resources in existing foundations of the industry; use technological vantages to promote innovations; deploy industrial applications; connect cross-sector resources; promote added-value.

    Create a high-quality environment to raise R&D capacity

    Promote comprehensive structural transformation and reforms; construct an appropriate regulatory environment; integrate related programs and funding for energy technologies; expand the scope of green energy technology R&D.

    Strengthen system integration to expand exports

    Strategize deployment of R&D results through “economic and trade collaboration”, “talent exchanges”, “resource sharing”, and “regional connections;” develop multilateral relations with other countries/regions through technological assistances of whole factory export.

    Key tasks

    Green energy promotion

    Track the progress of energy transformation policy implementations; conduct researches on green energy policies; analyze current regulatory system; provide recommendations for legal adaptation, and industry-related legal support.

    Industry development

    Track the progress and identify issues of industry promotion work in energy generation, energy conservation, energy storage, and system integration; facilitate industrial cooperation among related institutions; promote private investments.

    Technology innovations

    Draw blueprints for forward-looking technology R&D; manage and evaluate resource allocation of green energy-related master plans; assist in the establishment of linking mechanisms among the industry, academia, and research institutions; strengthen the linkage between midstream and downstream R&D and the industry.